Taking Patrons To The 1920s

Arcadaz is a stylish Bar & Lounge located at the top floor of the luxurious Grand Ambarrukmo in Yogyakarta. Purposed to be a playground for the upscale as well as bringing a one-of-kind night out experience to its patrons. We were asked to create Arcadaz’s branding and collaterals from scratch to help the owner fulfill his vision of establishing a new “it-place” in Yogyakarta. We quickly thought, “Roaring 20s”—the identity is then guided by the 1920s New Orleans ambiance, an era of class and fun. We created a custom type for the logo and played with witty illustrations that are implemented on the collaterals. We had every detail to encompass the 20s era. With timeless glam, Arcadaz has taken patrons to a time unlike now.
Things we do:
Identity Design
Print and Production