Painting Wonders Every Time He Wanders

Ruby, also known as Captainruby on the gram is an aspiring food-blogger notable in creating tasteful digital contents as well as in-depth reviews of the hottest restaurants allover Jakarta in his blog wanderbites.com We were tasked to craft a visual identity for his personal branding. When we first met Ruby, it didn’t take long for us to get infected by his energy. Diving more into his personality through a good conversation over coffee, we summed up that he is fun- loving, practical, and absolutely fuss-free! Being so easy to talk to, we wanted to make sure his persona gets delivered in the branding. Our team extracted a couple lines in the “R” monogram to mirror Ruby’s flexibility. Furthermore, we applied a friendly copy to go along with the collateral such as “HI! THIS IS MY OFFER” and “HI! I’M YOUR INVOICE” to represent just how amiable Ruby is to his future clients. Overall, we were happy of this project and we decided that it is necessary for him to have a signature tote bag for him to carry in his daily food wanderings.
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