To Flip or Not to Flip, It Is Always Better to Flip

What is the way to someone’s heart? Through their stomach. We can ask and ask but will always end up with the same agreement that food, sometimes, is the answer to all questions. Flip Burger not only offer a extraordinary food, it also claims to offer good food in human style – this means using no artificial ingredients – and we just love it! We learn that in the way of making the good food, Flip Burger wanted to show how their delicacies is not complicated at all – in fact, they are as fun as a good food could be. Therefore, in building the website, we wanted to show not only the delicious fact about the food, we also wanted to show how fun it is for them making the food! The website represents them very well – colorful, energetic, but also simple and easy to map everything out. What you want or need to know about Flip Burger, reachable – and make you hungry for more while imagining the juicy patties that scattered all over your screen every time you ‘flip’ on the pages. That’s the goal, and we got it covered.
Things we do:
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