Delivering American Classics To Your Door

Faithful in delivering homemade happiness, GORDON serves cuddly doughnuts paired with nothing but honest coffee. They bring authentic flavor to your door and warm feeling to your tummy. When we first met with the founders of GORDON, we were swayed away by their passion that we feel is critical to permeate into the visual identity. They believe in the authenticity of homemade American-styled donuts and yearn to introduce their delicacy in the most appropriate means. We kicked off by thinking, what better way to represent their passion than doing it with American-styled craftsmanship? Having pride, proximity, and warmth to be infused. Our work for GORDON is comprised of Branding and Collateral—portraying it as a brand that feels relaxed and familiar. As for the execution, we ended up with rustic style and Olive Green as the primary color to create a sense of warmness to let people feel forever welcomed by GORDON.
Things we do:
Identity Design