Navigating Your Appetite

Pepperlunch is a fast food chain steak house that serves steak, pasta, curry rice, and their signature pepper rice at an affordable price. Customers are allowed to expect their meals to be served deliciously on hot plates with zero fuss. With their sizzling goodness, Pepperlunch has consistently become an all-time favorite to people. In this project, we were first contacted to design book and tv menus for Pepperlunch Australia. We focused on creating a menu that will awaken the customer’s senses with visuals and typography. After we finalized the menu design, the team at Pepperlunch asked us to reframe their website into the concept of the menu design we previously made. Now, customers get to gain information and promotion easily as we centered on user experience while adding the Pepperlunch-style fun in creating the website.
Things we do:
Editorial Design
Web Design
Web Development