Undergoing Life Without Fuss

For Underwell, it’s all about creating a life well-lived. That includes comfortable yet fashionable underwear inside your arsenal. So without further ado, Underwell is a Men’s Underwear line that optimized quality and design at a fair price. They envision their brand to be accessible while living their three principles—Bold, Easy, and Fun. Our work for Underwell is comprised of Branding and Collateral. Just like the founder’s vision, we insist on giving a Fun and Attractive look for Underwell’s visual identity. Thinking of it as this playful and charming man that lures attention in his direction. For the logo, we ended up with a bold typeface while keeping its coolness with a subdued blue as the main color. Furthermore, we had a joyous time creating illustrations of modern men with different personas that are applied throughout the collateral. To wrap it up, we used strong copywriting for Underwell’s packaging and hang tag to connect even more with the customers.
Things we do:
Identity Design